Elwood - The Skeleton Capsule Collection


L.A based Elwood Clothing has just dropped their latest 'Skeleton Capsule Collection'; a concise and substantial collection of 8 designs drawing influence from the notorious correctional facility of Rikers island; boasting classic checkered and striped patterns, alongside lined illustrations of boney characters. 

The brand started off back in 1996 exploring fresher and more sophisticated methods of production and design in denim as well as in cut and sew apparel. Along the way, with the incorporation of skateboarding culture and aesthetics, Elwood has since become renown for their influential designs and advanced garment construction. 

Here are our picks from this collection: 

                        → 1.     BLACK RIKERS ISLAND SKELETON TEE
                        → 2.    OLIVE DROP CROTCH CARGO PANT
                        → 3.    BLACK SKELETON MOTO JACKET
                        → 4.    SKELETON STRIPED TEE

Catch the collection here: https://www.elwoodclothing.com/